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Amir Baghiri : the serenity

  • Release year 2013
  • 7 tracks, 70 minutes
  • CD in Two Panel Digi File.

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Ambient Guru Amir Baghiri returns with another fine work of quality ambient space.The Serenity masterfully blends spacious soundscapes with occasional percussive elements, all enhancing the hypnotizing and dreamy experience of being taken into the wonderful spaces of the great beyond.


German/Iran synthesist Amir Baghiri already started work on "The Serenity" in 2009, but as Amir got further involved in the film music industry and had to deal with many deadlines from then on, the project evolved only very slowly from then on. Work only continued when times became calm and without any pressure, something that also started to grow in a means of personal gratitude and a sign of respect toward the good things in life and mankind. As the title already suggests, the album is filled with a smooth flow of airy textures, subtle, soft tones and evocative ambient spaces, only occasionally accompanied by some (tribal) percussion and flutes. The nicely-crafted music even shifts to space music on "Superclusters" and "Invariant Mass". It all leads the listener in a tranquil, balanced and overall dreamy sonic environment, and is most suitable for relaxation and to make the busy mind smoothly wind down. The imaginary and inspired sounding "The Serenity" is beautiful quality ambient that feels like a comfortable journey inward. It makes a very enjoyable companion in evening and nightly hours.( Sonic Immersion )