Mathias Grassow : the fragrance of eternal roses Maximize

Mathias Grassow : the fragrance of eternal roses

  • Release Year 2010
  • 9 Tracks, 74 Minutes
  • CDr in Two-Piece Jewelcase

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Re-mastered reissue of the classic album released in 2000. The Fragrance of Eternal Roses is one of Mathias Grassow's finest releases up to date. It is a deeply personal statement from the ambient drone king. Grassow has perfected his minimalist technique to the point where it almost seems translucent, and that is the point of minimalism. This album gives the impression that there is nothing there, but focused listening reveals an extremely psychoactive soundscape. Grassow's drones enter the brainwaves and neurons and the receptors jump and snap as the synapses come alive. The brain activity allows for clarity of thought and peace of mind. Grassow's expert skills in sound design make this an essential minimalist masterpiece and no serious collector has a complete library without it.