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Uovi : uovi

  • Release year 2014
  • 11 tracks, 38 minutes
  • CDr in Trigger Case

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Excellent Downtempo/IDM album with the dynamic Electronica sound from the 90s. Uovi about the album : "I have been making music as long as I can remember. Family have videos of me from when I was about 5 years old playing the guitar. I first discovered electronic music around 1981 when I purchased a Street Sounds Electro album at my local record shop. They were mix albums so I used to try and copy by mixing tapes together with my dads old record player. Hitting the pause button multiple times to get effects. I was mixing Elvis and Kraftwerk together long before The KLF. Aged 12 in 1987 I moved to a new house and our new neighbour had a studio at the end of his garden. He let me in and I was addicted. Big mixers, synths etc. It was heaven. He was doing music for the upcoming olympics at the time. I was in there whenever possible. I was very lucky. Music lessons at school were rubbish. I remember the teacher once playing us the theme from Top Gun. I wanted to be syncing the keyboards together and listening to acid house, Kraftwerk, Egyptian Lover, Cybotron etc.92 / 93 I bought my first real synth. A Roland SH-101. I have been making noises ever since. I have released tracks / experiments / albums under various guises over the years. Met lots of lovely people. Always learning and creating new methods. Testing my production skills. Making music of different genres simply to learn."