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~~^^^macheteoxidado^^^~~ : viento de las montañas

  • Release Year 2015
  • 15 Tracks, 67 Minutes
  • CDr in hand made kraft wallet + photo's

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Rain is pouring from dark clouds, and there is a harmonica which sounds trapped at the bottom of a well. The ground is waterlogged and can accept no more. Water floods down the slope, towards a valley. There is in fact a well at the bottom of this valley, and you are going in. The well leads to a tunnel. You'd light a match but you were drenched in the storm. The sound of something distant thrashing echoes toward you. You walk in a direction you hope is opposite to the source, and towards a sound you hear in the wind rushing through the tunnel. This place is unknown, but not hostile. Curiosity is the word. You come into a room that is lit not by fire, but fluorescent fixtures somewhere you cannot see. This is the lobby of a labyrinth. There is a hole in the stone ceiling, all the way up to the sky. Some rain falls through and cascades into a fountain in the center of the waiting room. You are called by a cloaked receptionist and led through a door. You enter a long passage way, a catwalk suspended over an abyss. There is a different kind of light in here. You are going to the other side. You have to crawl on your way across, grab the edges, because of the wind blowing across the path. A soft purple glow comes up from the endless altitude of this cavern. It doesn't seem like the worst thing to let yourself go, but you keep crawling. Eventually, you will make your way across this abyss, you'll come up from another well, go up into the trees, find a lookout post. There will be a cloaked guide at the edge, looking over the grey-green hills. He will sing in a language you do not know, but there is greater meaning in what he sings than in the songs of your home. He will send you further along. You will descend again. Emerge again. This pattern will continue. Viento de las montañas is deeply narrative. But it is not told in normal words. Only with repeat listens can you explore this world, and you will notice new glows, murky pools, whistling wells. Then you will forget them as you notice other smoldering orbs, there, under that Oak. Then you will remember again."The sounds found here on this album are the result of the last four years of experience and growth" (~~^^^macheteoxidado^^^~~)