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Danny Kreutzfeldt : numberground

  • Release Year 2007
  • 6 Tracks, 67 Minutes
  • CDr in Two-Piece Jewelcase

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Haunting industrial soundscapes by Danny Kreutzfeldt, an ambient nightmare in 6 movements. Numberground opens with the almost agoraphobia-inducing Quarry (into protracted landscapes). It is thirteen and a half minutes of expansive ambient drone. It could be the sound of the birth of galaxies. The piece sets the standard for the whole CD and sets it incredibly high. While most of the tracks range from ten minutes to just under nineteen minutes, the two shorter pieces really stand out. On Days Like These… evokes the strangeness of crystalline, alien, sea creatures, with the underlying menace of the unknown. The relative brevity of this piece provides something of an interlude between the epic scale of the surrounding soundscapes. DK’s other short piece, The Great Thaw To Come, is based on soundtrack material for a short film called Fawn. According to the inklingfilm website the film is about human nature and the transformation from child to adult. The music itself has a harsher edge than the other work on this CD while retaining the ambient sensibilities. Being a shorter track there is a more rapid development in the piece as it reaches it’s multi-layered crescendo of sounds before fading out to a low drone.


This is the first work from Danny Kreutzfeldt I have heard and it has definitely hooked me in. It’s one of the most skilfully executed and genuinely creative dark ambient releases I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing so far. Any fan of the genre will be more than happy to have this in their music collection. Indeed, it’s going to be on pretty heavy rotation in my house for a while.  ( Heathen Harvest )