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Subinterior : mesmerize

  • AFE
  • Release Year 2008
  • 5 Tracks, 45 Minutes
  • CDr in Pro Printed Cardboard Sleeve

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Subinterior is the dark-ambient oriented project of Andrea Freschi from Milan, Italy. The tracks on this album go from echoed and deep black textural reverb nd gloomy ebb, onto sinister and slowed beatless industrial scrape that drift into subterranean drone expanses. Onto oscillating and twisting black/discordant guitar shapes that grimly blossom into deep, black 'n' bassy fields of dread filled rumbles. Yet for it the music's dark tone, Freschi ever so often circles out this rich glowing ebb of slight weary harmonic hope which gives a nice counterbalance to the tracks dark pitch and in some ways make the dread filled and darkness feel more potent and chilling. In a field such as black ambient where it's difficult to often sound fresh and inventive, Freschi mangers both in spades. Subinterior mangers to be creative, often surprising in its dark ebbs and folds yet it still mangers to nicely capture that feeling of ageless dread and timeless blackness very well.

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