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Horchata : acytota

  • AFE
  • Release Year 2008
  • 16 Tracks, 60 Minutes
  • CDr in Pro Printed Cardboard Sleeve

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Horchata is the name used by Michael Palace for his electronic music compositions.His music focuses on four major elements: complex beat music, dark ambient soundscapes, programmed compositional glitch music, and field recordings. Often a composition will include several of these elements. With "Acytota" he creates 16 tracks with a duration of around an hour... The tracks have an individual sound world, but connect together as a whole. A lot of them are aided with deep drones, which creates a sense of dimension. There are also a lot of more experimental sound structures to be found. What works nicely is that here and there some string elements and reverberating piano sounds are worked into some tracks... Again a winner for Afe Records with another high quality release. Interesting soundscapes and a real feeling of immersion.

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