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Grzegorz Bojanek : analogue


Release year 2014
7 tracks, 48 minutes
CDr in Special Card Sleeve.

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This at times harmonious, at times noisy but always intriguing album was recorded without a laptop, only 4-track cassette taperecoder, with the use of guitar, piano, flute, melodica, different kitchen objects, contact microphones, reel-to-reel loops, Chinese cymbal, guitar pedals and field recordins. Grzegorz Bojanek about the album:  "Back in November 2011 I experienced some problems with my laptop. Something bad was happening and I couldn’t play my last live-act of the 2011 Chinese Tour. After I came back home the problems started to grow and finally it appeared that the hard drive of my laptop was broken. I had to order a new one and wait for some time. Still I had so much creative energy after coming back from China that I had to record the ideas. I decided to forget the laptop and use only my 4-track Tascam taperecorder. Now, finally after all those years the material was mastered and published by Twice Removed so you could enjoy the music. Thank you!"

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