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Mick Chillage: distant light

  • Release Year 2014
  • 9 Tracks, 75 Minutes
  • CD in Two Panel Digifile

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Irish based producer Mick Chillage delivers his final album of 2014 after his most prolific year to date with three albums focusing on his ambient work and one under his electro alias "The Shape". This time "Distant Light" displays a selection of tracks which explore a myriad of groove styles and electronic genres but with a heavy serving of his trade mark ambient textures, emotive melody and lush arrangements that moves between dark and light atmospheres, showcasing Mick's broad influences and production abilities. From the dub space techno of "Expect Delays" to the icy electro frequencies of "Polar Bytes" to the shimmering warmth of "Radiance", "Distant Light" is a sonic celebration of the wonders of the world around us and the mysteries of our universe and beyond

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