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Hatori Yumi - abn1

  • Release year 2014
  • 9 tracks, 26 minutes
  • CDr in Jewelcase + Poster

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SR 009 lab

9,90 €

Second release in the lab series: “File Creation Error, Unable to Rename/Copy Audio File” is the first release by Hatori Yumi on Stochastic Resonance and is based on the concept of digital errors. information translated into digital signals, then compressed and denatured, assume the language of the computer.The tracks of the EP are characterized by massive and solid rhythmic structures, which appear and alternate, following additional and subtractive patterns and compositional elements.The result is a continuous oscillation between agglomerations of sounds every time different and morphologically uncertain. If, at a first listen, structures seem limestone recursive scheme, layering sound reveals a complex and sophisticated formal structure that plays on the concept of lack.The EP features, also, four reinterpretations of Hatori Yumi’s compositions by M.K.R, Scual, Ynaktera, Yoshitaka Hikawa. Hatori Yumi was born 1984 in Palermo [ita] where lives and works.  Studied and graduated in Musicology and Music History. Works in different fields : music, grafic-design, video.