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Mathias Grassow : highlights 2

  • Release Year 2007
  • 10 Tracks, 69 Minutes
  • CDr in Two-Piece Jewelcase

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Cherry picked and re-mastered drone and tribal ambient tracks from Mathias Grassow's rich archives.
Mathias Grassow says about the tracks on this album :
Planetary consciousness parts 1-8 : From the early 90's and composed as 'space music' using the RHODES CHROMA Short pieces for ambient music, but to be seen as one large track with different moods.
Staffa : Inspired by my first visit to SCOTLAND in 1989. A homage to this beautiful country Staffa is an island in the Atlantic ocean where only birds live and a 'strange' cave makes 'organ' sounds when the wind blows…
Quiet earth : A very old track from the early 90s, influenced by Steve Roach's 'Dreamtime return'