Various Artists ( Grassow, David Parsons ) : phra rahu Maximize

Various Artists ( Grassow, David Parsons ) : phra rahu

  • gterma
  • Release Year 2014
  • 12 Tracks, 160 Minutes
  • Two CD's in Jewelcase + 16 Page Booklet

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Massive two and a half hous double  album with deep, dynamic soundscapes by Mathias Grassow, David Parsons, Last Industrial Estate, Seetyca, Indo and others. A long time coming, gterma worked zealously to present this offering to the dark entity known as Rahu. Known from the Hindu and Buddhist mythos, this dark asura rose to power through consuming the Elixir of the Gods, granting him immortality. Rahu is not a benign being but can bestow great worldly powers on his followers. More often though, his influence casts a deep and dark shadow over people during the inauspicious time of the day, known as Rahukaalam. Rahu's might is perhaps best illustrated in his devouring of the sun, causing massive eclipses and forcing the Earth to sit in his dark shadow. The label has assembled this dark mantra from material both new and old, creating a deep tribute featuring several of the profile artists of gterma. Indo and David Parsons have gone one step further and composed new pieces especially for this album, and the Thai artist Ekaraj Worasamutprakarn has also created illustrations for the project. Deep, dark mantras are the core of this double album.