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Rumorse : halogen eve

  • Release Year 2010
  • 8 Tracks, 37 Minutes
  • CDr in Slim Jewel Case

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"Halogen Eve" is Rumorse's debut for I Absentee label and a beautiful collection of soft IDM and melodic electronica. Brilliant from start to finish. Spanish electronic producer Jorge Sasera first made his debut as Rumorse in 2008 on the Dog Eared netlabel with his ‘Pulse’ EP, and since then he’s continued to maintain a fairly busy remix schedule reworking the likes of Norwegian downbeat act Flunk and Phasen. This debut album ‘Halogen Eve’ on the US-based I, Absentee label represents Sasera’s first physical CDR release as Rumorse, and sees him crafting eight atmospheric tracks that lean towards IDM-influenced styles as much as they do classic synth arrangements along the lines of Vangelis and Jarre. Opening track ‘Aerostatic Xilophone’ certainly lives up to its title, with refracted twinkling tones echoing like raindrops over a gentle swell of brooding ambient synths, while ‘Electrah’ manages to bring the darkness closer to the foreground, with distorted pulsing bass synths buzzing like a powerline against a winding backdrop of bendy analogue Moog keys. It’s certainly a fairly low-key start, but from there on in, the rhythms begin to slowly rouse themselves, with the aforementioned track shifting down into crunching industrial hiphop rhythms towards its outro section, before ‘Halogen Eve’ injects some vaguely Brazilian-tinged breakbeat clatter beneath arpeggiated synths and driving bass chords, in an offering that hints towards the melodic slide of pre-split Black Dog and also provides what’s easily one of this album’s more extroverted and flexing moments. Elsewhere, the jittery, hyper-cut up ‘Cromatica’ sees flickering layers of edits lending a disorienting edge to the eerie theremin wails and ghostly female vocal harmonies as burbling synth arpeggios rise up in the mix in epic fashion, while the streamlined ‘Dream On’ even sees a tech-house rhythmic pulse rising to the surface as the wafting synth pads call to mind Global Communication-style ambient house. While the repeated use of brooding, major-chord synth atmospherics starts to get a bit same-y over the entire running length ‘Halogen Eve’ offers up a fairly solid IDM-centred listen.