Various Artists - collection 1: opening Maximize

Various Artists - collection 1: opening

  • Release Year 2002
  • 5 Tracks, 78 Minutes
  • CD in Jewelcase

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This compilation CD album marks the birth of the Databloem label. The first track 'Aperture' is by The Circular Ruins. A CD by them / him 'Realm of Possibility' is the second release on the label. This piece is not on that CD. A deep vibrating drone hovers in the air like some huge insect then a lovely deep sequence enters forming a hypnotic groove. Some very faint vocal samples can just be heard though I can't make out what they are saying. In the fourth minute another simple slow rhythm is added. From time to time it has a slight irregularity to it. This skipping of the beat is fascinating and adds extra interest to an already excellent number. There is a brooding atmosphere which only subsides in the eighth minute as all syncopation disappears and we are left with some lovely textures which decay beautifully as others come to replace them. A minute later the sequences return. 'A Borrowed Skin' by Mutagene is a gorgeous track. In some ways its very simple consisting mainly of a background drone with slow repeated melodic pads over the top but really its so much better than that description makes it sound. The melody itself is superb, but so are the sounds chosen with just the right amount of other detail here and there. Even the way the pads distort near the end and disappear into a windy tone which gradually increases in intensity then goes back down through the sound spectrum again is extremely effective. There is a dark cosmic start to 'Imbedded Neptune' by Spheroid. Extremely deep bass laden drones shake the floor. Things become somewhat more tranquil in the fourth minute as a plucked string lead line weaves around appropriately spacey effects. These disappear to reprise from time to time as we drift along on soft drones and whooshing sounds- absolutely first rate space music but as with seemingly everything on this album / label the sounds chosen are a revelation. 'Kwookyworld' by Kwook begins with the sound of what could be some accelerating vehicle. A mean sequence starts to emerge, rising and falling in the mix. This is underpinned by another light sequence / shimmer which stays fairly constant in the middle of the mix. I found it very relaxing and just let my mind float on the back of the gentle pulsations. In the ninth minute we get a calmer passage made up of soft ambient effects. A short vocal sample as well as the occasional nature sound made me think of a beautiful alien landscape, ethereal pads adding to the tranquil feeling still further. 'Encounter' by the Civilized Electrons starts extremely quietly, soft tones being allowed to just hang in the air. In the third minute in comes the most beautiful dreamy melody which goes through a number of mutations in both structure as well as the sound chosen. It just gets better and better. A four note loop works its way into your consciousness, it had probably been there slowly intensifying for some time before I actually noticed it. Gradually it becomes more like a pulse or soft throb. The repeated melody has something of a hypnotic quality but is never boring. An additional lead line is added in the tenth minute eventually replacing its predecessor, another slow delicate melody complimenting it wonderfully lower in the mix. Its all so delicate. A wonderful track to finish a very impressive, legendary album.