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Yu Miyashita : noble niche

  • Release Year 2011
  • 12 Tracks, 43 Minutes
  • CD in Digipack

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By definition, NOBLE NICHE is a Glitch and Noise genre album. But why doesn't it sound like neiter, Glitch or Noise? Well, this album is based on the most neglected type of Glitch sounds: Noise. Naturally, noise is not exactly easy listening, and NOBLE NICHE is no exception. However, NOBLE NICHE is not to be confused with the rather provocative or even trashy (Japa)Noise genre. Instead, YU MIYASHITA managed to apply the (Glitch) aesthetics known from many classic MILLE PLATEAUX releases to digital noise. The sounds suggest that YU made digital data audible that was never meant to reach anyone's ears (ever accidently played back a CD-Rom?). The range of different kinds of noise sounds is impressive - and leaves the listener clueless about their possible origin. Highly abstract, with only traces of musical chords, you will probably only get a few real world associations: A life support machine, a dentist's drill, the Star Trek bridge or maybe a japanese pachinko hall - well, hell in this case. Often intense, powerful and disturbing, sometimes delicate & fragile, never predictable. The next dose for audio junkies desperate for another, yet unheared sound.