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Bruno Sanfilippo : intro

  • AD21
  • Release year 2008
  • 7 tracks, 54 minutes
  • CD in Jewel Case

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Deep and organic ambient music, considered as one of Bruno's best. Pure introspective beauty and a real treat for ears and soul.


From the start, InTRO sets a relaxing, reflective mood. Sanfilippo maintains a consistent mood, which means the CD makes an ideal sountrack for relaxing and thinking. Eno has suggested that ambient music must be listenable as well as ignorable, supporting various levels of attention, and the tracks on InTRO are excellent examples of this idea. Highlights of the CD include InTROpiano, which recalls Vangelis Memories of Green and the Brian Eno/Harold Budd classic, The Pearl; and InTROvoices, which uses wordless voice sounds to create a choral and even orchestral texture. InTRO is one of the finest ambient releases we've heard this year. ( )

The beautifully designed InTRO marks a new chapter in the nice organic ambient music of Bruno. Pure introspective beauty and a real treat for ears and soul.
( Bert Strolenberg )

Joining Sanfilippo on this recording is Alio Die on one track. A superb dose of ambience whose power is understated but vibrant, evoking a series of entries into the inner mind. ( Matt Howarth )