Oophoi & Paul Vnuk Jr. : dreamfields Maximize

Oophoi & Paul Vnuk Jr. : dreamfields

  • Release Year 2011
  • 4 Tracks, 70 Minutes
  • CD in Digipack

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ERA 2067-2

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After highly regarded and critically acclaimed album Distance To Zero released in 2006 on Hypnos, italian ambient artists Oöphoi and american synthetist, percussionist and sound designer Paul Vnuk Jr. (also known from tribal ambient duo Ma Ja Le with Christopher Short) decided to release their new dark ambient masterpiece called Dreamfields on Czech label Nextera. Paul Vnuk reveals: "For me the story of Dreamfields starts before our [Gigi’s & my] first collaboration Distance to Zero. Back in 2005 I sent Gigi a CD of loops improvised in my studio on a Lexicon Jamman and a Boomerang looping pedal. Part of those even included my then 8-year-old son reading improvised poetry. These loops were meant to get the ball rolling on our collaboration, but rather than using these loops at the time, Gigi instead sent me back a set of all new tracks that were inspired by my loops. I then added my parts and that became our 1st album. Then in 2009, unknown to me he went back to those original loops and blended them into his alchemic audio processes and created a whole new musical work. I then spent parts of 2010 and 2011 overdubbing further additions, crafting a final mix and a master. Dreamfields is a deep collaboration made up of many layers. I see it as a great sonic painting that contains a nice balance of our individual voices as well as some new sonic landscapes that neither of us expected and I am very proud of the result!