Various Artists : active agent of sound (2CD) Maximize

Various Artists : active agent of sound (2CD)

  • Release year 2008
  • 21 Tracks, 155 Minutes
  • Two CD's in Digipack

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The Berlin label, Klangwirkstoff Records, is dedicated to a practical music philosophy which doesn't adhere to the bureaucratic norm, the standard pitch A = 440 Hz. Instead its basic tones are tuned to planetary and molecular resonance frequencies. With this deep atmospheric electronic ambient double cd, Klangwirkstoff brings together widely varied international music projects, all of which are working with this harmonical topic. Music from: Coil, Mirror System (Steve Hillage), Susan Alexjander, Lutz Berger, True Frequencies, Sci-Rom, Star Sounds Orchestra, Orbital Dolphins, Brain Entertainment Laboratory, Morphon, Akasha Project, Devas, Toshra, Ruben, Motom, EPiOS, B. Ashra, Rainer von Vielen, Michael Reimann and a text from Hans Cousto. The first disc is driven by warm, dreamy percussion and intelligent, meandering arrangements which have more in common with the galactic eccentricity of the electronic branch of Krautrock than your stereotypical chillout, downtempo and even ambient imitations. The second disc leaps from ethno-influenced shamanism to the abovementioned minimal hypnosis of Coil and back to more raw and earthly sounds again. Both are rendered special by devotedly careful seguing and sequencing, which awards this sampler the air of an extremely well-conceived DJ set and of two cohesive collages with many different moods.