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Pillowdiver : bloody oath

  • Dronarivm
  • Release Year 2013
  • 3 Tracks, 23 Minutes
  • 3"CDr in Special Packaging

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“Bloody Oath” is thick and sticky like eucalyptus sap, monotonous like a didgeridoo sound, drone ambient from the German artist René Margraff aka Pillowdiver. All tracks in the album are based on top hits from Australian musicians. “I created these in a similar way like “Frozen Soundtracks” – says René - I was freezing, stretching, mangling, whatever moments of these three songs first. These then got layered into fuzzy drones”. In search of a music protolanguage Pillowdiver neutralizes the current pop culture and reveals an archaic character of primitive cultures by reducing fictitious diversity of the contemporary music palette to a sacral, timeless drone. And this process is unlikely to be subject to reverse engineering.The album design is entirely hand-made, in line with the edition concept. The general set of colours implies a blood oath rite. A cover somewhat refined (calligraphic type, folds of dark silk) presents a contrast to the filling: signs of the aboriginal Australian culture bleed through coarse paper of the inserted booklet. Limited of 66 handnumbered copies.