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Steve Brand : twilightmind

  • Release year 2007
  • 7 tracks,  71 minutes
  • CDr in Slim Jewel Case

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"Twilightmind" is the 3rd release by Steve Brand under his own name. After more than 20 releases in the experimental realm under the name "Augur." This disks represents elaborations on aural themes presented in his two previous disks, "Awakensong," and "Looking Into The Other." Voices, gongs, didg, whirl tubes, kora, rain stick, flutes and keyboard textures, create variety of soundscapes ranging from vaporous nocturnes ("Do You Know My Name?"), murky tectonic slabs of sound ("The Indestructibles"), to majestic celestial processions ("The Breath Of Life"). "Twilightmind" summons the works of Steve Roach, Michael Stearns and Jim Cole, but inhabits a space uniquely it's own, opening the door to a state of mind that is at once peaceful, transcendent, contemplative...twilight. Steve Brand has been making music in the experimental realm since the early 90's under the name, "Augur," with more than 20 limited releases on independent labels. In 2003, he began creating in the "ambient" genre under his own name. Steve describe this change in moniker and musical expression as, "part of the process of moving out of my head and more into my heart." Since then, he has issued a number of self-released disks, as well as releases on the esteemed U.S. labels, Hypnos and AtmoWorks, and the Italian label, Afe.