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SGNL_FLTR : chrono

  • Release Year 2006
  • 10 Tracks, 55 Minutes
  • CD in Two Piece Jewelcase

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SGNL_FLTR, Danny Kreuzfeldt's minimal techno project, finally comes with a new album as the follow up to SGNL-FLTR's great debut album Vebra. Chrono even goes a step beyond Vebra. The rhythms can be called minimal, but then enriched with soundscapes, clicks + noises. For those who find minimal too boring and prefer more adventurous rhythmic excursions.


If you have not investigated this series of releases available from the Databloem label then you have led a sheltered lifestyle. Perhaps this release is a little darker in tone than previous but that should not dissuade anyone from trying out these ten tracks of mature electronica. Some of the notes or sounds do have a scary edge to them, which is naturally heightened by the mood. Some scores are quite depressing yet here the themes appear to be uplifting and always allow the mind to roam within the musical borders provided by the elaborate framework of the structure. The opener Undra has a slow beat and lots of scary reverb that almost makes you sit on the corner of your chair. It’s one of those instrumentals that creep up on the listener and despite its apparent simplicity there is a lot more depth to the recording. The looped bacon frying sounds on Quakomprr could easily become too repetitive and yet I found myself being drawn in attempting to identify all the subtle changes on this pseudo atmospheric techno track. A more traditional beat can be heard on Suite due to its spacious feel combined with industrial style noises that makes it very melodic upon the ears. Standard beats, rhythms and melodies are not really applicable, as textures and mood assume greater importance. The more beat oriented Conek features much more percussion and sympathetic atmospherics which although is only a short track appears to be in two halves and the latter is pure ambience. Maybe there is a preponderance of what I will call downtempo techno like the track entitled Reck but it's really all about stimulating the imagination. The finale Cause is almost whimsical and yet with its intricate rhythms it builds into a magnificent instrumental. I rate Chrono as an excellent release as your mind is not allowed to wander and hence you are forever concentrating on each piece as an individual. Danny Kreutzfeld shows once again that his music is razor sharp and has not lost his ability to make an impact on the contemporary electronic scene. (Brooky)