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Jonas Reinhardt : powers of audition

  • Release year 2010
  • 7 tracks, 39 minutes
  • CD in Digipack

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onas Reinhardt continues his cosmic flight inward on this latest release. The instrumentation from his debut album expands here to include acoustic drum patterns, guitars, and woodwinds alongside synthesizers and electronics. Together, these voices seamlessly twist and meld into a singular aural journey. This is music of the spheres for an electronic era where new age visions are re-imagined through a lens of experimental rock.The titular concept behind the album, drawn from ideas of the post-war avant-garde, refers simply to the human capacity to audition sound and fill in blanks where the composer leaves space for interpretation. Jonas explains: "Each of the songs is meant to engage the listener's innate power of audition to fill in intentionally left blanks. These occur throughout the recording where there is either diminished narrative resolution or explicit sectional movement meant to provoke an auditory response." The result is a mesmerizing journey to cracked and digitized moonscapes where Reinhardt's transparent relationship with instruments, sound, and form are made whole and hints of a beat-centered future are just around the corner.

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