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Ian Hawgood : the shattered light

  • Release year 2012
  • 6 tracks, 62 minutes
  • CD in Six Panel Digipack

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Almost three years since Ian Hawgood's last solo release, and over four years since recording, he finally completed ‘The Shattered Light’ in 2012. Deciding to step away from laptop recording, ‘The Shattered Light’ saw Ian go back to his favoured tape recording process; the entire recording and final mix being done in a series of takes on a two track, using only guitar and vocals. If you’re expecting lots of fluffy warm boring drones then you’ll be in for a shock as the 10 minute opener ‘My Mountain Empire’ starts off with some guitar drones before it turns into walls of feedback and melodic sludge. It’s dense and it’s very much in the vein of Tim Hecker as the fuzz takes hold of not one, but both of your ears. It’s a stunning piece of music and it’s somewhat a statement of intent as I’m thinking the intention is to take you special places! Track 2 continues with the fuzz before it mellows out in some intense drones and pulsing soundscapes. There’s an incredible low bass frequency rumbling pretty much running through the rest of the album which really shakes the cobwebs away. There’s a bit of a shoegaze vibe as well which adds an extra dimension. So it’s somewhere between Loveliescrushing and Tim Hecker I reckon. Whatever it sounds like it’s bloody good and it’s Hawgood’s best album so far.