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Entheogenic Sound Explorers - the other door

  • Release Year 2009
  • 11 Tracks, 50 Minutes
  • CDr-Pro in Softbox

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ESE's follow up to the acclaimed "" The Shroom Experience"debut album on our Practising Nature sister label. The Other Doorshowcases the more catchy, ambient dub influenced (The Orb) side of the band. Melodic synthsounds, varied rhythmic elements, psychedelic effects and an occasional guitar combine into a lovely, timeless sound. ESE, Entheogenic Sound Explorers, are the Milano-based musicians Stefano Contini and Piero Marchesi. "The Other Door", which is the duo’s second release, contains 50 minutes of crispy, warm and organic infused ambient with psychedelic flavours, all presented in a clear, transparent sound spectrum.


At the end of every year I make a list of the best records released in that particular year, and in 2007 The Shroom Experience by the Italian duo ESE reached to number seven. This was their debut, and in the review I wrote that I did not know what ESE stands for. Now I know. What we have here are Entheogenic Sound Explorers, Stefano Contini and Piero Marchesi.The Other Door is the second release, and the second is always difficult if the first one is really great. Well, if you are looking for another first class psychedelic album, this is it. This album starts of rather smooth with melodic synths in a track called The Fountain. The voices come in track three, In Memory Of Dr. Hofmann, with the voice of Albert Hofmann himself, which sets the tone for a psychedelic experience. Further on you can here monks on beautiful synths in a track called Ambient Monks. The best tracks are at the end of the album, with Entheogenic Sound and Method of Divisions. Slow rhythms and hidden voices, which really opens the other door. You may think of The Orb in their best years, but this is much better than the latest Orb album (sorry Alex!). If Kim Cascone was still running his Silent Records, then this would be on it. Anyone remembering the Fifty Years Of Sunshine Compilation? Well, this is fifty minutes of sunshine! The label Silent Records is gone, but we have Databloem now. And this an essential album for anyone into laid back and psychedelic sounds. ( Bob Rusche )