Krzysztof Orluk - blurred reflection Maximize

Krzysztof Orluk - blurred reflection

  • Release Year 2009
  • 11 Tracks, 49 Minutes 
  • CDr-Pro in Softbox

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Incredibly rich, minimal ambient/glitch in the vein of Off The Sky, Blamstrain, Biosphere, Shuttle358. Krzysztof Orluk is a musician born in Poland and this album is one of the rare pearls Databloem is always looking for. Krzysztof's  sound is a compromise between digital machines and field recordings. Apart from this he uses orchestral sounds, opera recordings, different pianos and synthesizers, bells, old vinyl's and artificial cracks and noises. Databloem get into a slightly more organic feel here with this absolutely delightful work from Krzysztof Orluk. Using a wide range of instruments and electronics this album really washes over and around with an enveloping warmth and friendliness that’s very becoming. Drone textures combine with subtle guitar playing to make a melodic and very beautiful selection of tracks and each has a perfectly formed sound that encapsulates the feeling really nicely. At times it has a deeply melancholy vibe and a good example of that is the wonderful ‘Crying Bird’ with its slow build of layers and sub bass rumbles culminating in a gentle fade out of abstract field recordings – a lo-key track that I really love. From there the tracks get even more sub aquatic with some intense textures and clever use of noise to accentuate the tones. A quality piece of work and those that enjoy the contemporary ambient style should get an awful lot out of it. Great stuff.