Cymphonic & Vintage H : post mortem investigations Maximize

Cymphonic & Vintage H : post mortem investigations

  • Release year 2010
  • 7 tracks, 54 minutes
  • CD in Two Panel Digifile.

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Three years after the highly acclaimed Strataradialis album Cymphonic ( Stanley Swinkels from The Netherlands ) is back with a special album,created together with his father. In this unique project two generations work together with heart and mind to convert sound into an audiomovie experience, which covers the whole spectrum of atmospheric ambient music. Their story is told through spacious drones, surrounded by flocks of cinematic textures and  heavenly voices.The first soundtrack, Post Mortem Investigations, guides you through possible stages of a Near Death Experience. The second titled Notturno, invites you to a synaesthetic panorama of the night. Depending on the state of ones attention, the listener can actively search and explore the music or take a more introvert position in receiving it. What will this album induce in you?


“Congratulation for this musical gem you created, this is a stunning album”.
( Vincent Villuis/ULTIMAE )

Now here’s an album that demands deep och concentrated listening. I remember loving the first album by Cymphonic called ‘Strataradialis’, much because of the extremely haunting and breathtaking atmosphere it surrounded me in. After a while I almost felt “drugged” to the extent I had to take off my headphones for a while to let my mind and ears rest. The album was that good, and ‘Post Mortem Investigations’ is just that…..and more. The new album continues very much in the same vain, with a deep, abstract, and surreal atmosphere. While listening to this album (particularly on repeat, using a good pair of headphones!) I get sucked right into the infectious and haunting atmosphere of ‘Post Mortem Investigations’ before I know it. I can easily imagine and/or picture myself somewhere far away from home, observing what’s going on around me in other parts of the world, and what other people are doing etc. Use headphones for maximum pleasure, as you will feel sucked in after just 2 minutes or so. The music is highly surreal, and takes both mind and soul to far away places. It is very hard to resist the experience that this album has to offer. Highly recommended album for fans of abstract ambient music such as Brian Eno, Bruno Sanfillippo and ‘The Glimmer Room’!. Very highly recommended! (Kristian Persson)

Talented Dutch ambient sculptor Stanley Swinkels returns with his third album, but this time teamed with Vintage H, who is no one else than his father Harry. What a challenge for both of them, because it's quite unique to witness this kind of collaboration involving two generations. And I can imagine it was not only challenging, but also very enjoyable for both of them. The music of this duo is very refined and pleasant even if quite dark and also very tense with some dramatic turnovers. The album opens sharply with many voice samples, but soon it shifts into darker and distant regions with its deep soundscapes. From time to time some other voice samples show up and slowly fade away. Almost unrecognizably the opening piece overlaps into the next one. This is the second of 4 parts of "Post Mortem Investigations" entitled "Ethereal" while the first one was "Into The Void". "Ethereal" is colored by various chants, spoken words in French, bell or gong sounds, this must be a kind of transcendental experience. Cicadas, femme chants, sounds of dripping water are announcing the third part "Astral". Always very dark, almost scary like with Tibetan chants, village sounds, sharp metal sounds..., very industrial like sounding part. As mentioned by the authors, the first half, "Post Mortem Investigations", is guiding us through possible stages of near-death experience. That's how "Astral" sounds like, but the end of this piece is again more drifting with beautiful femme chants and sounds of water. The next one, "Return", keeps the tension of previous piece, again colored by various sonic experiments and samples, some of them sounding quite oddly. It's like having a close call... Fortunately, the sound of cracking wood in fire relieves the tension. Second half "Notturno" (parts 5-7) starts with beautifully drifting and immersing "Evening", a very blissful and tranquil voyage. "Night" is a bit more rough even if the cicadas show their acoustic talents to keep the mood more relaxing. The last piece features again some deeper and immersing washes with culminating tension spiced by various bird samples, "Awakening" is here... Amazing work from this son & father duo that requires a very careful listening, but then it's fully rewarding, it's a dream-like state while awake...(Richard Gürtler)