The Hive Project : conversations with the queen Maximize

The Hive Project : conversations with the queen

  • Release Year 2006
  • 11 tracks, 56 minutes
  • CDr in Slim Jewel Case

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The Hive Project is Jeremy Rice (USA) and Anthony Paul Kerby (Canada). Jeremy Rice also records under the name Introspective, and has a number of releases on net labels. This is a re-release from 2001. Haunting, curiously rhythmic, with dark edges. This album was first released in 2001 on the old independent music site, which closed after a couple of years of operation. The album is simply too captivating to remain buried in history ... hence this DataObscura re-release. Remastered, with new graphics, this version also includes a bonus track - the hauntingly beautiful drone-based Time Will Tell from 2003, first made public on the Dark Duck label drone download project.

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