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Lammergeyer : borders & barrens

  • Release Year 2003
  • 12 tracks, 56 minutes
  • CDr in Slim Jewel Case

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Sonic explorations of isolation, distances, and landscapes. The fourth Lammergeyer release. Borders & Barrens follows the same general style as previous Lammergeyer releases, delving even deeper into sonic explorations of isolation, distance, and the mood of landscapes. The scene is coastlines, misty headlands, desolate marshes, barren moors and their mysterious solitude. The music is richly atmospheric, studded with inventive detail and drawn-out, almost subconscious melodies. It is a music with underlying emotion, and is a journey not to be missed.

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Anthony Paul Kerby, the man behind Lammergeyer and The Circular Ruins, is, I think, one of the most interesting and consistent musicians working in the area of contemporary ambient music today....
( Warren Punshon )