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Lammergeyer : birds of prey

  • Release Year 2003
  • 6 tracks, 60 minutes
  • CDr in Slim Jewel Case

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First in a series of Lammergeyer releases. Lush, interconnected electro-ambient soundscapes. An homage to birds, it is divided into ten “thermals.” “Flight” is a semi-somber low-key beginning, with elements of Kerby’s usual tapestry of sounds. It slowly takes gradual twists and turns, then suddenly fades. “Atonement” begins beautifully, with a delicate flute hanging in the mist of ambient textures. The melancholic tone continues and I’m reminded, emotionally speaking, of sadder works by Schulze, though compositionally it is perhaps a distant cousin. Like Schulze, this is heady stuff, having a serious feel that isn’t always present in synthesizer music....

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