Amplifier Machine : her mouth is an outlaw Maximize

Amplifier Machine : her mouth is an outlaw

  • 12K
  • Release Year 2008
  • 7 Tracks, 43 Minutes
  • CD in Digipack

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Somewhat of a departure, in terms of sound, for 12k, Her Mouth Is An Outlaw breezes darkly languid chords over a post-rock-meets-experimental structure that is decidedly lacking in micro-electronics. These echoes reach for new 12k-heights while the spirit of ambience and space remain familiar. Amplifier Machine began in 2002 with James Dixon (Swordfish, Supagroop, James Dixon) on guitar, Korg & piano, Seth Rees (The Spheres, This Is Your Captain Speaking, I Want A Hovercraft, Seth Rees) on drums, violin, samples, piano & guitar and Alex Jarvis (Automatic, Black Cab, Registered Nurse, Alex Jarvis) on guitar & drums, with the intention of combining their songwriting talents. Her Mouth Is An Outlaw is Amplifer Machine’s sound presented with poise and balance, an attractively compiled consolidation to the best elements of the band’s sound. From the most chaotic to the calmest of formless guitar ambient sound, and tentative chordal analogue progressions, this album is a unique and beautiful experience.