Pleq & Segue - the seed Maximize

Pleq & Segue - the seed

  • Release Year 2010
  • 10 tracks, 55 minutes
  • CD in Four Panel Digifile

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Two of the most promising names in the minimal/ambient scene, Polish artist Pleq ( Bartosz Dziadosz ) and Canadian Segue ( Jordan Sauer ) are teamed up for this beautiful release on the renewed ( pressed CD in special two panel digi file ) Databloem label. Each track is well thought creation of organic soundscapes, deeply layered with glitchy patterns of clicks and warm synthetics. Incredibly rich, minimal ambient/glitch in the vein of Off The Sky, Blamstrain, Beta Two Agonist, Shuttle358.


Pleq is back again, this time in collaboration with Segue for a release on the Dutch ambient label Databloem.The music of Pleq always has a good balance between cold and clinical clicks and cuts and warm and deep layers of ambient. This all is sometimes woven into a web of melancholia. This seems especially true with ‘The Seed’.  The album kicks of with a song of Pleq, remixed by Segue, called ‘Fragments Of Memories As A Child’. This track has the typical Pleq elements with a big dose of melancholia thrown in for good measure. The next song ‘The Piano’ is a collaboration between Pleq and Segue. Nice and warm piano melodies are woven into a patch of glitch. Very nice! ‘Blue Wind I’ by Segue in a Pleq remix, is a warm and mysterious soundscape that works very well. With ‘Calm Coolness’ by Pleq, things get somewhat darker. There’s a definite disquieting undercurrent going on. The title of the track seems very fitting. The title track ‘The Seed’ is by Pleq and Segue both and is a very minimal soundscape. There’s a constant high peep in the background, which has a somewhat ominous effect with the combination of the other sounds. ‘The Morning Begin Chilly’ by Pleq and Segue is definitely a dark and chilly song. Dark drones are mixed with glitchy sounds and sounds of bells. The album ends with a song by Segue, ‘Late April’, which brings back a more minimal melancholic sounds, which makes a fitting end to a beautiful album.‘The Seed’ is a very accomplished release. It combines soothing sounndscapes with a darker undercurrent with moments of touching melancholia. Parts of it reminded me a little bit of the more melancholic work of Brian Eno, especially his album ‘Ambient 4: On Land’. A very recommended release!