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Mick Chillage ‎– moogs, moods & memories

  • Release Year 2020
  • 4 tracks, 73 minutes
  • CD in Digipack

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After producing various strains of electronica since the mid 90's, Mick Chillage offers us four long tracks, inspired by the Moog synth.

"For many years I've wanted a Moog synth in some form, however many of the newer models felt a little unlike the originals from innovative days of the synth giant. In the beginning of 2020 finally I decided to purchase the Moog Grandmother a semi modular synth that looked and felt like it could have been released in the early 1970’s, its digital side is almost hidden to the eye, just basic midi implantation via USB and no preset/patch storage, just a raw patchable synth with some of the original module components of their classic modulars of their pioneering days. This had the heritage and hands on approach and sound I had dreamed of and I was not disappointed. So I began to experiment with the Moog on various evenings and weekends, at times recreating sounds that sounded just like some of the tones on the Dark Side Of The Moog series and many more classic albums. I would often get goosebumps hearing these classic Moog sounds, just by dialing some of the control knobs and some basic cable patching, this would often result in some awesome inspirational sound! I would immediately jam with the sounds that inspired me and just record long improvised passages, more editing and more playing and recording, multi tracking until I had the foundation of a track. Often the bones of a piece could happen in a few hours and the next day I would mix and arrange a finished piece in a digital environment. The Moog became very intuitive quickly and also led me to sound creation I never expected from Grandmother. I guess it's safe to say I never truly set out to make a Moog themed album, there are also some of my other synths used where I needed some polyphonic sounds. Many pieces had come together very quickly and I just placed them in an unreleased folder as I usually do, eventually going through the various tracks and selecting ones that make a coherent listen or experience and the ones I chose just seemed to connect in a way that felt right for a new album. During this period with the Moog I was in various states of mood and some sounds triggered certain memories, hence the title."( Mick Chillage, 2020 )