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Urenga - after rain

  • gterma
  • Release Year 2012
  • 7 Tracks, 74 Minutes
  • CD, Booklet & Bottomcard in protective sleeve for use in Jewelcase

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he heat is stifling, like a thick misty blanket the many leaves and dangling roots of clinging plants envelop you as you reach further into the vegetation of a seemingly endless rainforest. Small irritating insects buzz around you, a lone butterfly drifting away along the trail while you catch a small speck of colours in the corner of your eye, an unknown bird jumping deeper into the dense foilage. Whisking away the sweat from your eyes and forehead you finally emerge from the path and onto a small hill overlooking the dense jungle valley below. Mountains disappear into the distance and you can just make out the faint roar of the distant ocean. The Urenga project draws its inspiration from nature and projects an aural sensation of a living, breathing world somewhere in the borderlands between dub techno and ambient. After the rain stops falling and the storm clouds withdraw beyond the horizon, the tide once again rolls in like a wave of evening colour glow. Hypnotizing and captivating music to spend half-awake in your bed through the thick tropical night.