Mathias Grassow - alchemystery (2 CD) Maximize

Mathias Grassow - alchemystery (2 CD)

  • gterma
  • Release Year 2012
  • 4 Tracks, 128 Minutes
  • 2 CD's in Jewelcase + 12 Page Booklet

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Alchemystery is the first title in a suite dedicated to musical divinations seeking knowledge about the mystery of our origin and what binds our world together. Mathias explores music and its vibrations, both external and internal, as he treads an improvised path into the colourful and enigmatic realms of aural arcanum. Recent scientific theory and particle experiments are now challenging long accepted truths about our perception of the very world we inhabit. As mankind gazes further into space and our past the questions become more urgent and challenging. What is our origin and what is the nature of the universe, the very fabric holding life, matter and time together? Among academic disciplines and dogmatic faiths, our tertöns are striving to find the lost treasures, and among them Mathias has chosen the path of music as an insight into our cosmos. The Aural Alchemy sessions are dedicated to this very purpose. Traditionalists and purists beware, these sound sculptings will challenge any drone-ambient prejudice.