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Mathias Grassow : dämmerung

  • gterma
  • Release Year 2012
  • 6 Tracks, 73 Minutes
  • CD in Jewelcase + 12 Page Booklet

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The long and often dreary winters in the north are characterized by burning nightskies as the cold tears into the skin and the wind torments our eyes. Conversely the short summers with their bright colours and dreamlike nights have a very profound effect on the people and creatures dwelling underneath.Sleeping by an open window the pleasant song of a mad happy Blackbird floats in on the breeze and blends with your dreams, while Swifts race through the moist evening skies and stray unemployed wasps feast upon sweet nectar in the mild August night. Dämmerung, a long flowing epos recorded in 2010, is Grassow's dedication to the Sun and her voyage across the burning evening skies of Northern Europe.