Paul Vnuk Jr. & Oöphoi ‎– distance to zero Maximize

Paul Vnuk Jr. & Oöphoi ‎– distance to zero

  • Release year 2005
  • 3 tracks,  60 minutes
  • CD in Jewelcase

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Classic album from 2006 back in stock. This recording works in roughly the same "slow drone" territory explored by Vnuk and Oophoi on their solo Hypnos releases, Silence Speaks in Shadows and Athlit, respectively. At the same time, it has a different sonic character, at times slow and dark and smooth, but at other moments bright and modern and metallic. Distance to Zero could fairly be described as some of the most daring and experimental work by either artist. It definitely has an "edge" to it, though it's still definitely easy and smooth listening. Do not think of filing anywhere near “new age,” or even “ethereal.” Maybe under “atmospheric electronic” with a touch of “earthen” edge."