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Mathias Grassow - sky

  • gterma
  • Release Year 2011
  • 6 Tracks, 65 Minutes
  • CD, Booklet & Bottomcard in protective sleeve for use in Jewelcase

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"Sky" was originally released by Mathias as a double album in the year 2000.The Sky sessions are longform drones with an enormously uplifting character. For the new edition the Gterma label condensed the best moments of the original release into a single mix and combined it with more recent drones produced in 2010 and everything was then remastered. The album comes in a jewelcase with a 12-page booklet. A must have for any Grassow fan!



Mathias Grassow's vast discography includes also many archive recordings on CDr formats and the original double CDr release of "Sky", released back in 2000, belongs to most treasured of them. Now, thanks to young Swedish label Gterma, "Sky" was revised and edited, with some new parts added, making one album on pressed CD. I think many drone fans will applaud this move of Gterma and Mathias, perfect!!! "Sky" reveals with "Opening", this deeply static drone precisely sets the mood for this breathtaking odyssey. With "Sky Part I" Mathias shifts the drone into more active heavenly realms, yet beautifully floating and sporadically evolving into denser soundwalls. Then comes almost 31 minutes long opus "Sky Part II", the sounds become immediately more massive and grandiose leading the album into the most culminating level. Everything is clear now, "King of Drones" is back at top of his mastery and "Sky Part II" is definite "creme de la creme" of this wonderfully magnificent journeying!!! More peaceful and aerial drift appears on "From Beyond", which is quite relieving after monstrous predecessor. Also "Closing" is waving on the similar territory, even if slightly more active. With "A New Beginning" Mathias moves to a new droning decade of his artistry, a truly gracious finale! 12-page booklet perfectly illustrates the beauty and immenseness of both, the sky and Mathias Grassow's phenomenal drones. Once again, big thanks to Gterma and Mathias for releasing this ultimate classic, a must have!!!  ( Richard Gürtler )