The Doubling Riders ‎– the world of the doubling riders (6cd) Maximize

The Doubling Riders ‎– the world of the doubling riders (6cd)

  • Release year 2019
  • 72 tracks, +/- 300 minutes
  • 6 CD's in Box + 24-page booklet 

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The Doubling Riders were born out of various new-wave and experimental folk outfits active in Italy during the early 1980's. It largely started as the mail-art project of Francesco Paladino, with multi-instrumentalist Pier Luigi Andreoni under the guise F.P & The Doubling Riders, and a record that involved a lot of international talent. This is the definitive Doubling Riders box set with a load of previously unreleased material. Complete discography, remastered from the original tapes. 6 x CD boxset includes 1 disc of previously unreleased material, plus 24-page booklet of liner notes and never-before-seen photographs.From its earliest days, Italian avant-garde and experimental music has always been a fascinating world of intersecting lines, unexpected meetings, and networks of conversation and collaboration. This is especially true of the country’s remarkably unique context of musical minimalism - a vast body of sound which, decades after if first emerged, continues to defy easy definition and category. As wild and varied as Italian minimalism is, there are unavoidable anchors and roots - points of clear inspiration and intersection - Franco Battiato and projects like Aktuala, Futuro Antico, and The Doubling Riders. Among these, the most neglected and overlooked has remained The Doubling Riders - the focus of an incredible 6 CD survey - The World of The Doubling Riders, issued by Spittle Records in co-operation with Officine Fonografiche Italiane. An long overdue immersion in overwhelmingly singular creativity and collaboration, this one is as essential as they come. There’s never been anything like this band!