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Galati - silence [as a din]

  • Release Year 2018
  • 4 Tracks, 62 Minutes
  • CD in 6 panel Digipack

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Galati is the work of Italian artist Roberto Galati, who creates dissonant soundscapes with an incredibly rich sound of layers of constantly shifting drones,(bass)guitar treatments, epic voices, ringing percussion, synthesized textures and  unfathomable noises. An excellent album for those who like ambiance with a bit of an edge and sombre melody. Roberto says: "I am searching for a deep relationship with time and space. Not the time brought back to the present or conceived to satisfy the ephemeral needs of the moment, but the long and necessary time; the one in tune with the natural laws of this world. I think it is important to observe the majesty of nature and to feel its enormity, its grandeur; it helps to remember our transitional and passenger nature, our relentless fall in a silence that has no end and no beginning Western men have exasperated so much their run to action - namely to the artificial, to the rational, to the urban - to believe that these were the only ways to respond to the elusive muteness of things. Deluded into believing that only actions may lead the way to forgetfulness, we avoid to ask ourselves greater questions. We somehow forget that the existence cannot be made of tenacious commitment or of cunning inventive. It also takes breaks and closures in solitude: that is when and where the questions arise.In order to bring in everyday life the experience of “suspended time”, we need to contemplate in silence, out of time.In search for silence, peacefully sinking in environments that allow a physical connection to the real world, I feed my need to understand and to learn. In places where everything is white and covered with ice, space absorbs time and materializes it into sublime expanses. The vastness transfigures the human being into fragment, into a shred placed within a limited time, but inserted in the eternity of a prospect that extends as far as the eye can see, and beyond.The duplication of an Original Unit featured by opposite principles seems to have here its most obvious and pure manifestation: where everything is covered with ice, where endless stretches of white snow are overwhelmed by a deafening silence. The absence of sounds is as disorienting as the excess of sounds.In these places I try to grasp the meaning of the dominance of time on the Eternal".


Galati goes for an expansive post-rock sound with the sprawling suites of “Silence (as a din)”. The journey that unfolds throughout the album reveals a trippy sort of dream world, one that displays Galati’s uncanny knack in creating beautiful realms. Employing a tremendous amount of color, the songs feel so vivid in their gorgeous soundscapes. Quite focused on texture everything within the sound works in unison to create such uncanny atmospheres. Besides the post-rock that inevitability goes toward framing the entire journey, Galati brings in elements of shoegaze, space-rock, ambient, even a hint of classical into the overall proceedings. Opening the album with a sweeping statement is the ambitious work of “Silence (as a din) I”. From tribal-like rhythms to meditative looping, everything possesses so much life within the vast realm. The way things pop in and out of the mix makes it feel akin to an aural documentary. While shorter “Silence (as a din) II” starts out with a conventional strumming approach before all evidence of its origins disappears away into a shimmering drone by the finale. By far the highlight of it all “Silence (as a din) III” goes for an epic adventure. A western twang in the guitar work adds to its cinematic scope. With a hint of tragedy “Silence (as a din) IV” ends things off on a shadowy, mysterious note.“Silence (as a din)” displays the tremendous amount of patience and deft skill, proving Galati to be an accomplished artist in sculpting cloudy atmospheres
. (Beach Sloth)