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Lingua Lustra : orbit (usb)

  • Release Year 2017
  • 18 Tracks, 190 Minutes + 2 Hour Video

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Massive work in which Albert takes us on another grand ambient trip in space & time, all spread over 3 hours of music and 2 hour video. Dreamy resonating fields of sound, spinning arpeggio´s and blissful vocoder touches bring on a wondrous journey of its own. Residing in the gaseous outskirts of ambient sound, lovely hissy atmospheres and distant nautical percussion pings meet deep dubtech grooveness at its most epic! Surreal sci-fi soundscapes define the amorphous layers of Lingua Lustra’s “Orbit”. The blissful waves of sound wash over the listener. Akin to far-off objects giving off light there is something very comforting about these carefully crafted synthesized symphonies. Over the course of the album the way that Lingua Lustra sculpts the sound reveals a true ear for melody for every song is infused with a little bit of light. By keeping its distance the album retains a mysterious glow to it, one that is constantly looking to explore new lands. The table is set with the rumbling opener “In The End”. Subtle in its style the song’s airy presence gives it a nebulous quality. Blurred beauty emerges out of the strangely colorful “Somewhere”. Nearly poppy in its ambience is the Stars of the Lid referencing work of “Sundown”. Employing a sense of play is the giddy nature of “Eden Planet” where sly synthesizers sketch out an uncertain rhythm. One of the highlights of the album is the heart and soul...