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Various Artists : nagual 3 (usb stick)

  • ...TXT
  • Release Year 2017
  • 52 Tracks, 830 Minutes
  • Limited Edition USB drive in cardboard box

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41,24 €

The 3rd and final Nagual collection from Txt collates 18 odd albums together into one vast, mind-meltingly beautiful mass. Spiralling illusionary circuits of sound once again taking us out past the edge of reason into a reality of the imagination focused on the trip itself, not the future, not the past, not now. Music by Ambidextrous, Darren McClure, Nacht Plank, Reverberant Evenings, James Shain, Joel Tammik, Cryostasis, SleepyTown Manufacture, Ishq, Hakobune, Bauri, Off Land, Juta Takahashi, Mick Chillage, Tim Koch, Tsone, Murkok and Abandoned Communities. Nagual 3 is housed in a square black box with mini cards for assorted artwork and each box is numbered in gold ink.