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Nemesis : gigaherz

  • Release year 2010
  • 15 tracks, 77 minutes
  • CD in 4 panel Digipak

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Nemesis are Ami Hassinen and Jyrki Kastman and this release offers engaging electronic music, composed betwen 1996 and 2003. The 15 tracks, 77 minutes make up an epic audio journey that presents mankind's evolution from sea creatures to extinction. The first piece displays the band’s predilection for dreamy melodies with bouncy rhythms, conspiring to uplift as they entertain. Sweeping textures are augmented by agile keyboards and clever auxiliary effects that nibble at the edges of the harmony like gaily equipped insects. The beats provide an upward mobility, driving the tune into vertiginous illumination.The next track combines stately keyboards with pulsating tempos and a dose of celestial guitar of captivating depth. The tune oscillates from passivity into surging puissance with delightful progression, remaining thoroughly engaging with each expansion.Track three explores moody territory punctuated by vocal snippets and beats that mount into a hyperactive rhythm. Piercing chords enter the mix to delineate passage through this bewitching escalation.The fourth track features plodding tribal percussives that surface through a mire of sparkling effects. Pleasant keyboards emerge to command the stage with swaying harmonics. Deeper tones melodics season the flow, driving the tune from ground level to dizzying altitudes where clouds of chiming ice shards swirl.“Evolution Suite” is the epic finale. The piece begins with an aquatic presence gurgling beneath a fog of fertile atmospherics. A pacific melody drifts out of the vapor, attended by clopping beats which soon attract quirky effects that coalesce into an anticipatory tension. A period of dreamy electronics that ebb and flow, giving birth to a stretch of cosmic ambience. Sultry rhythms rise from the textural humidity, accompanied by peppier electronics that evolve into a soothingly energetic melody of engaging properties. Pushing their way through the mist come new elements, reprising tribal tempos immersed in haunting atmospherics. Things grow harsher as aerial sweeps gain intensity and a throbbing presence shambles into view...only to be swamped by a celestial sea as the track seeps to a peaceful conclusion.The brooding ambience of the last composition is excellently balanced by the nervous stamina exhibited by the earlier pieces, resulting in a well-rounded excursion through imaginary realms of contemporary EM.