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Ocoeur: a parallel life

  • N5MD
  • Release year 2014
  • 9 tracks, 60 minutes
  • CD in Gatefold Paper Sleeve

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Ocoeur's latest album A Parallel Life finds Franck Zaragoza showcasing his adeptness at fusing thoughtfully crafted melodies with twitchingly syncopated techno. In a recent interview Berlin music portal Kultmucke introduced Zaragoza something of an IDM prodigy and while thats a fair summation due to his preference for malleable beatwork and his use of heavily processed field recordings there's more there than simple glitchery. Zaragoza's melodies, while often shrouded in hazes of static, affect the cinematic minimalism of Modern Composition. These such comparisons put him stylistically hovering somewhere between the likes of Arovane and Max Richter which is no meager feat. A Parallel Life aches, breathes, pulsates and is forever churning. It has a subliminal soul that is all too often a casualty of electronic music of this style.

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