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Marc Barreca : subterrane

  • Release year 2010
  • 10 tracks 63 minutes
  • CD in Digipack

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Composed with layers of computer processed, chopped and looped sounds including samples from field recordings, as well as studio recordings of accordion and other acoustic and electronic instruments Subterrane merges acoustic with electronic sensibilities into a singular music of timbral and textural sleight-of-hand. Source sounds include trains, subways, glass bottles, bamboo and bronze percussion instruments, rattles, and other folk instruments. For “Twilight Reprise” samples from his 1980 Palace of Lights album, Twilight, are recycled and reprocessed. Other pieces also include recycled slices from previous live and studio recordings but bear little resemblance to the earlier pieces from which they are borrowed. Mastered by Taylor Deupree.


Marc Barreca, field recorder and electroacoustician, here becomes riven with Subterrane and its minimalist percussive glitch, whisper-thin sound samples and rich plumes of exhausted harmonics. Barreca’s fidelity remains consistent throughout, practicing invention and stylistic diversity in providing loosely textured, lithe limbed context for the field recordings, and thus casting an appealingly rough, warm sound. Barreca turns this formula on its head, too, starting the fourth track off, as far as this reviewer can tell, by placing objects over a small microphone, generating miniature tsunamis of noise, and then augmenting them with a querulous glockenspiel melody that turns the piece into a nursery-rhyme-cum-bestiary. Without losing their daring sense of drive, the other tracks veer away from such sharp contrasts, occupying shadowing ground until their lighter, cosmic tendrils unfurl with just the right amount of portentousness. This leaves Subterrane as a cagey, supple, and stirring release.( Max Schaefer )