Banabila : precious images (2CD) Maximize

Banabila : precious images (2CD)

  • Release year 2008
  • 32 Tracks, 150 Minutes
  • 2 CD's in Digipack

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STEAM 2008-1

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Cd 1 contains highlights from Banabila's albums released on Steamin'Soundworks since 1999. They were selected from the albums VoizNoiz (1999), the subsequent VoizNoiz 2 and 3 (2001 and 2002) and the two-part Spherics series (2001 and 2003). In addition, a track each was chosen from the albums Arhil (2000) by Bahia El Idrissi and the compilation albumX-Rated: The Electronic Files (2002). All tracks were freshly mastered and some were remixed.Cd 2 contains new material recorded by Banabila in 2008. Although most ofthe tracks on cd 2 were used for theatre and television, they weren'tpreviously released on cd. Michel Banabila is a composer, producer and musician best known for his album VoizNoiz, which received critical acclaim internationally. In addition to acoustic instrumentation Banabila uses electronics, field recordings, recordings taken from radio, television and film and recordings made with vocoder plugs. His music is often described as cinematic and atmospheric. Banabila also makes musical contributions to film, television, theatre, video art and dance.

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